Sunday, August 1, 2010

Salvation Army Find and Thrifty Ways to Save

So about a month ago I was going through my local GoodWill looking for clothes to wear to work (going from working at a daycare to an office requires a big wardrobe adjustment!) when I came upon this great old trunk.
It needs a LOT of fixing...the top has writing on it, the handles are broken, and the inside is, for lack of better word, GROSS.
Yeesh. I am currently in the process of putting contact paper inside, but am having trouble working around the hinge. I'd rather not have to take out the screws completely, but it looks like I'll have to.

And now some thrifty options!

Search & Win is a site that rewards you 'points' just for using their search engine. I have it downloaded in my toolbar, so my computer uses it automatically. I just joined about a month ago and already earned enough points for a $5 Amazon giftcard!

Search & Win
Swaptree is a nifty little website that allows you to trade books, DVDs, CDs, videogames, and other types of media with people from around the country. All you do it enter the ISBN number above the bar code of any items you have laying around that you no longer want. This creates your 'Have list.' Then you type in the names of any books, CDs, etc. that you want. Any time what your have and want list corresponds with someone else, you receive an e-mail telling you how to make the trade. All that you have to pay for is the shipping of your package. I traded away one of my books in exchange for Chuck Palahnuik's Invisible Monsters.

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