Friday, January 15, 2010

Cards out of Wrapping Paper

So, even though Christmas was three weeks ago, I only got around to doing something with the paper tonight. My aunt, who is an avid scrap-booker and very crafty person wrapped everything with the most adorable paper, and I of course ran around making sure that no one crumpled it up so I could use it later!

The bases of these cards are actually old envelopes that I received birthday cards in (mind you, my birthday is in June. I save almost EVERYTHING, it drives my mother crazy). I just cut off the flaps and folded the face of the envelope in half. This craft was completely free and made out of things that would otherwise had been thrown away. I'm going to add a little note on the back requesting that the recipients recycle the cards too :)

Of course, this can be used for any holiday! But you knew that already.

I made this birthday card for my friend who's turning 18 tomorrow. After seeing that I am obviously not good at freehand lettering I decided that I am going to have to stamp the messages on the Christmas cards, teehee. Hope he doesn't get the wrong impression with all those hearts.

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