Monday, January 11, 2010

Introductory Post:

Yes, I am doing this whole blogging thing entirely out of order.
This is me! Hi everyone, I'm Kim! I'm a freshman in college, and as I mentioned before, I have a goal in life to be as eco-friendly as possible. This means being one of those hippie do-gooders who lug around reusable shopping bags and give everyone who'll listen lectures about the use of plastic water bottles. I've successfully converted 2/3 of my immediate family to stainless steel bottles! The picture here is one of the first taken of me at around 12:10 on January 1st. So, to everyone, a very belated happy new year! I hope you haven't given up on your resolutions yet...and if you have, it's not too late to create more practical ones!
Some of mine include:
1. Becoming more physically fit-I've started taking hot yoga with my friend Coral, and once I get back to school I'll finally have a free gym again!
2. Eat healthier- Being a vegetarian at college is hard. I feel like all I eat is starch!
3. Actually follow through with this blogging business.
4. FINALLY finish renovating my room. Promise I'll post pictures when I'm done!
5. Start working on decorations for my apartment that I'm moving into in September.

That's about it for now...I hope you enjoy my crafts thus far, and subscribe to see more!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Kim! I didn't see where I could email you so I'm sending you a little message here (yep, I'm still figuring all this blogging stuff out too!)
    I'm just so impressed that you are in college and have a passion for crafting! I remember when I was your age (long, long ago) and I think I only thought about partying and boyfriends.
    Keep doing what you do. This may just turn into something big.
    Can I ask, what are you majoring in and where do you go to school? Always wanting to learn a little more about my bloggy friends!
    Have a nice day!