Sunday, January 24, 2010

One Success, One Failure!

So, last night, around 6 AM (yes, I know 6 AM is technically morning, but since I hadn't gone to sleep yet I still consider it night!) I got an urge to clean my room. And look at this great find! It's an old shoe bag, made out of this great brown fuzzy material, perfect for my stuffed animal project. I'm going to try to make all of them without buying any materials, and only using things that I have. I'm almost done with the second animal, another giraffe, but this one is teal, and to be frank, looks slightly like a dinosaur. Oh well.

Now on to the fail!
Me trying to take a new profile picture...didn't work out so well! Be glad I put that slash over my face because I look like a major creep! But I'd also like to bring attention to the huge blank wall behind me! It's the largest wall in my room, and I'm hopefully going to be decorating it a little tonight!

I have so many great things to put in my room, but unfortunately, most of them are not upcycled. Perhaps when it's completed I'll post pictures anyway, and you can laugh at me for being so un-environmentally friendly!

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